Camping Le Soline organized a free excursion (mille grazie by the way) to Torri and to the woods of Stigliano. The people running Le Soline missed no opportunity to remind all the guests of the camping site in Italian, English and French to take part in the excursion, very lovely.

Well – it was worth it. Marco, the guide, picked us up at the camping site where we started with about a dozen other curious guests, all of them with their own vehicle. Since our mobile camper was stationed on the site, we had to take a ride with one of the guests – great opportunity to get to know some people. We met a family from Germany who gave us some pointers on other camping sites in Italy and France. Then an actor from France who I already noticed at the pool area. It appeared he was talking to himself but it turned out he’s a theater actor and he was memorizing a long text.

torri-stigliano-19The first stop of the tour took us to the abbey of Torri. It’s cute little abbey with the typical sacred atrium and nicely arranged rooms around the center. The view out was very green – I was happy for the people who lived there back then.

torri-stigliano-18Marco then led the hike towards a river where we were promised a bathing refreshment. The path led us through fields with wild olives, lots of herbs like spearmint, thyme and the always abundant rosemary. Of course, the even more typical cypress trees could not be missed as well – I thought of some movie scenes (like in The Godfather or Gladiator) when walking through that alley. Impressive were some of the allegedly very old holm oaks (a kind of tree) that lined the path occasionally. It was quite a warm day so when we arrived at the river bank of Fosso Ricausa, we were really happy to take a really refreshing swim!

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