If lavender is the plant of the Provence then sunflower is its counterpart in the Gascogne. Deep and dense fields line the roads on the way from Toulouse via Auch, Mont-de-Marsan to Biarritz, it almost seems like some sort of monoculture. Sunflowers are such a friendly kind with their bright color, synchronizing their head position according to the sun – sometimes  bit sad, but mostly standing proud and happy.

toulouse-auch-mont-de-marsan-f2I can absolutely recommend taking the slower “country roads” than the freeways. You save quite a bit of money as there’s no toll on these roads and you see a much more interesting landscape. You are moving slower, of course, but, as in my case, with a camper, it does not really matter. I found the best strategy to mix country roads and freeways, especially in the urban regions of a larger city, there are no or fewer tolls.

anglet-f3The day ended at the RV parking site Aire des Camping des Corsaires in Anglet, a little town close to Biarritz. The site is located really nicely right by the beach, so it is frequented by many surfers. If you come too late during the day, you might have difficulty finding a spot in the high season. The site offers RV service and fresh water. Toilets and cold showers are available close to a shack towards the beach.