Camping Turiscampo is located in Espiche, Portugal.

  • The site is very spacious and friendly. The spots vary in size (and price), many of them have shade as there are various trees spread throughout the site.
  • The facilities are very clean. One facilities building is brand new and features very friendly toilets (with toilet paper and soap) and generous showers. The shower heads are nice and high, so even tall people like me can enjoy the shower. The dish washing area conveniently offers two sinks per spot.
  • Two pools (a small one for kids, and a larger one for bigger kids and adults) is the center of attention of the site. Around it, the bar / restaurant is located and a lot of campsite life is happening. It’s a very nice pool.
  • The site’s market is well equipped with many food items but also camping equipment. You can also get excellent bakery goods.
  • The beach Praia da Luz is located near by. However, to get there (if you don’t have a car), you need to take a 10 minute walk to the next bus station and take a bus from there. A shuttle service from the site would be very helpful.
  • I didn’t use the site’s wifi as I’ve started using my own mobile internet instead as most camping wifis are unreliable, I found out. In any case – the camping’s wifi costs extra but I don’t know how good it works.
  • The price was 35 € per night for two adults, one mobile camper with electricity included. The prices vary heavily by time of year, not only by season.

My rating

This is one the best camping site I’ve been to so far. It is expensive, yes, but the price is ok considering what is offered. The only things missing are free wifi on the whole site and a shuttle service to the beach.

Overall ★★★★★
Value for money ★★★★☆
Cleanliness ★★★★★
Location / view ★★★☆☆
Amenities ★★★★☆


  1. Shuttle service to the beach???????

  2. Yes, why not a shuttle service? At this location, there’s no easy bus connection to Praia da Luz. And once you’re parked with your camper, you don’t really want to move it every day. In addition to that, parking with a big vehicle is also not so easy at Praia da Luz, not to say, not recommendable.

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